Manos de Fe focuses on 3 Christ-filled pillars in our outreach to the Chiriqui Province:

Humanitarian | Education | Sustainability

These pillars are designed to foster self-sufficiency for generations to come.



Humanitarian Aid

In order for families to truly flourish, they need daily nutrition, a safe place to live, and basic medical care. When these essentials are lacking, it distracts from educational efforts and perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

Since 2008, we have served families throughout the Caisan area of Chiriqui, Panama by providing healthy meals, emergency medical and housing assistance, and school supplies for families in need.

We pay special attention to the needs of indigenous Ngobe-Bugle people who typically live in homes with dirt floors, no electricity, and inadequate water supplies. Many do not own their land. They are farm-hand tenants living in temporary structures. 

As families graduate out of our assistance program and become self-sufficient, they have the opportunity to transfer services to another local family.

Manos de Fe also provides periodic medical care via mobile physicians who travel to our mission site in order to treat patients, administer medication, and provide guidance on healthy living. 


Quality Education


At home and abroad, breaking the cycle of poverty begins with education. Manos de Fe will soon be opening the doors to Manos De Fe Boys and Girls Clubs Community Center where we are working to break this cycle through educational programming.

Students will be welcomed with hot meals, homework support, English lessons, technology training, Bible study, and community fellowship.

We are partnering with local schools to learn all about each student, how to improve their grades, understand the curriculum and school expectations, and to help them set and achieve their personal goals. 



Sustainable Employment

We do much more than “teach a man to fish.” We purchase farm land, tools, and agricultural supplies in order to foster self-sufficiency. These resources support small businesses and promote an entrepreneurial culture within Chiriqui.

Manos de Fe currently owns 15 acres of land for crops and livestock. We are preparing to grow peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes, and lettuce and to raise chickens, goats, Peking ducks, and pigs. By teaching families to grow and sell agricultural products, we are creating jobs and setting the stage for long-term sustainability.

Future dreams are to open a soap factory, sewing ministry, and jewelry business while teaching these skills to others at the community center. 


Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ
— Galatians 6:2