Matthew 16:15 - He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Typically, teams arrive on Friday or Saturday, and after a day of traveling are ready to settle in and get some rest that first night. Teams have the opportunity to attend a local church service in the community on Sunday, which is sure to be an experience to remember. In Panama, mission teams and volunteers work with local community churches, community leaders, and social services to empower and equip the local community and church leaders to be Christ-following, hope-filled, productive members of the community.  Past teams have participated in community bible schools, assisting onsite with community gardening projects and sewing ministries, medical and dental projects, evangelism, health education, onsite and community construction projects, community garage sales, church socials, and much more. 

Teams also really enjoy taking part in the monthly feeding program. Manos de Fe serves over fifty families who require assistance with basic human needs each month. It takes a lot of work to organize, pack, and distribute all of the food to these families. This entire process takes several days and gives teams the opportunity to bond with individual families within the community. All missionaries are encouraged to participate in this life altering experience.


ready to have your life changed by a Manos de Fe mission trip?

The week with Manos de Fe was one of the most meaningful events of my life, if not the most. I found myself thinking and saying repeatedly that what you accomplished in a short time in that small place on our beautiful earth was unbelievable.
— Jay, Lakewood UMC of Jacksonville, Florida